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Best Ideas for a Mobile Business

Man and woman getting food from a food truckIf you are interested in starting a business but do not love the idea of being tied to a single office location, a mobile business may be a good solution for you. Here are some ideas for a mobile business:

  1. Food Truck—Probably, one of the most popular mobile business ideas is a food or niche food truck (think: coffee, sandwiches, certain types of food, etc.). You can, more than likely, open up your mobile food truck for less than a brick-and-mortar restaurant and you do not have to wait on customers to come to you – you can find and go directly to them!
  2. Grooming Services—If you have an interest and experience with pet grooming, you could create a mobile business going to people's homes and bringing the grooming salon to them. This could be helpful for pet owners who may not have as much time or may have animals who scare easily in unfamiliar places.
  3. Party Transportation Services—If you have a bus large enough, you can create a party transportation service... Much like a Taxi, you would be responsible for carrying guests from one location to another. Your customers could range from wedding guests, birthday party guests, or even office parties.
  4. Mobile Auto Detailing—A mobile auto detailing business would allow you to bring your equipment to client's offices or homes and detail their car for them while they spend their time doing other things.
  5. Bike Repair Services—Since a lot of people may use their bicycles as their main form of transportation, it may be a good business idea to create a mobile bike repair service. You could go to your customer and to their bike for repairs, tune-ups, tire changes, etc. Seeing as loading and transporting a bicycle to a bike repair shop may be difficult and time-consuming, any bike owner would fall into the category of potential customers.
  6. Photography—A photography business is another business that can be easily mobilized. You do not need to have a studio or even an office space to offer photography services. You can pack up your equipment and capture photos in a variety of different locations.
  7. Organization Services—If you are an organized individual and know how to manage clutter, it may be worth your while to consider offering your organization services to others. You can organize anything from offices; children's rooms and playrooms; and even kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantries.
  8. Cleaning Services—If you have a knack for cleaning, you can offer your services to a wide-range of customers. You could do residential cleaning, as well as, offices or retail spaces, cleaning after events, and even construction cleanup. 
  9. Salon Services—Once you have some experience, equipment and the correct license, you can create a mobile salon that could provide hair and nail services, as well as, massages and even facials. Your salon services could be delivered directly to the customer meaning they could get their nails or hair done during their lunch break at work or right from the comfort of their own home!


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